Off-grid Autonomous Water System / A Common Ground / The Co-op experiment / The Substation / 1-29 February 2017

When talking about an autonomous art space, discussions tend to be about creating independent frameworks to creating, curating or funding. Maybe an autonomous art space can also be a space that is independent of grid infrastructure.

The Off-Grid Autonomous Water System is a crowd-built*¬†water collection and cleansing system that engages with “commoning” natural resources for all. It will be split into three units designed to collect, filtrate, and act as a social space within The Substation. It will be located on the third floor of The Substation.

The project is expected to be an ongoing process: it will commence in February 2017 and undergo construction* over the rest of the month, allowing all who enter A Common Ground to witness and participate in the construction and development of the Off-Grid Autonomous Water System.

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