Berita Harian Panas Panas / A Common Ground / The Co-op experiment / The Substation / 1 Jan – 29 Feb 2017

Berita Harian Panas-Panas (BHPP) is a communal translation project in which articles from Singapore’s national Malay-language daily are translated to English for a non-Malay speaking audience.

Often times, news articles, community discussions and even celebrity gossips of the minority groups are not accessible to non-speakers due to language differences. This community translation project hopes to give a glimpse of conversations and perspectives published in Berita Harian to the larger non-Malay speaking communities.

Through these translations, BHPP wishes to open up space to discuss the nature and implications of the narratives that arise from the articles’ scope, angle and presentation of its subjects. By surfacing the subjectivities present in the news and how it shapes the narratives we tell ourselves, it hopes to encourage greater thinking about news reporting and its role in meaning-making.

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