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sungei road

Sungei Road Market: A Future For Street Culture Heritage / SHS

Sungei Road Market: A Future For Street Culture Heritage? / The Substation Theatre / 18 June 2017 

A panel discussion organised by the Singapore Heritage Society and The Substation.

Speakers: Prof Tay Kheng Soon, Dr Laavanya Kathiravelu, Faiz Bin Zohri.

Moderator: Dr Chua Ai Lin.

Does an organic street market like Sungei Road Market have any place in modern Singapore? On 11 July 2017, Sungei Road Market will be shut down after over 80 years as a secondhand market. With more than 200 vendors, it is the city’s largest collection of flea market stalls, and is Singapore’s only permanent outdoor market and the only free hawking zone where no licences or stall rentals are required.

Since the announcement of its impending closure, many Singaporeans of all ages have been expressing their feeling for the Market, in their blogs and social media, through photography, video and art projects, as well as signing petitions.

This panel discussion will explore what Sungei Road Market means in terms of social memory, tangible and intangible heritage, public space, urban life, modernity, as well as ways of envisioning the future for Singapore’s street culture living heritage.


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Street Report: Sungei Road Self-cast hooks

Street Report – Sungei Road Self-cast hooks / Post-Museum’s Survey: Space, Sharing, Haunting / The Substation, Singapore / 1 to 30 September 2016.

If you walk before the uncles set up their stalls, there are these self-casted hooks embedded into the cracks of the old asphalt road.

The architect Gerrit Rietveld did a similar tactic in one of his buildings, where he subtly cast grids of standard nuts to the concrete anticipating future use.


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