SG Farm / Archifest 2016 / TANAH

Raffles Place, 23 September – 9 October 2016

How might we envision what it means to farm in the city/ city farming? What opportunities does this present for plugging gaps in our local food system, in terms of rejuvenating the community and our city spaces? For Archifest, TANAH sought out citizen imaginations to realise this pop up farm, and we would like to invite you to till this land with us.

TANAH were invited to install a farm interpreting Archifest’s 2016 theme of “Exhale”. We were curious in building a farm space in the middle of busy Raffles Place. What dialogues and interaction can occur when these two contrasting rhythms meet.

The farm was installed progressively for two weeks before Archifest to warm-up the space and curious office workers. We did not want something that comes into the space overnight and wanted to find the rhythm and relation of the farm in the busy-ness of Raffles Place. Such as collecting water (at the MRT toilet) during rush hour, sitting around chit-chatting during lunch hours and during times when the office cleaners are changing shifts, or doing farm housekeeping during drunk TGIF evenings (thank you for not puking on the plants).

Hands-on practical workshops, dialogues, public discussions and informal chit-chatting at the swings were held throughout the two weeks in the farm and the Archifest pavilion.



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Thank you to Archifest, SILA LA Futures volunteers and friends that drop by for the energy to conceive the farm and events.

Photo documentation by Archifest & Tanah.

( See you at another space! )