A Common Ground / The Co-op / The Sustation / 7 Feb 2017 – 26 Feb 2017

A Common Ground is a series of programmes at The Substation that examines and interrogates the feasibility of establishing a commons in Singapore. Widely understood as a space in which all resources are shared with the means of developing social processes, A Common Ground is a month-long inquiry into this act of “commoning”. This inquiry will be facilitated by the means of several projects and programmes, conceptualised and devised by members of The Co-op.





The Co-op is an arts co-operative based in Singapore. Through an open call in 2016, 10-12 participants were selected to form a core co-operative group together with The Substation’s present Programme Managers. This co-operative group determines their own terms of engagement as to how they will work together, make decisions, resolve conflicts, and collectively work to develop and implement a programme at The Substation in February 2017.

The Co-op currently comprises of 14 members: Annusia Balan, Ailin Chin, Jerrold Chong, Faiz Bin Zohri, Danielle Hong, Anna Kishore, Karen Lam Xueling, Shaiful Risan, Sharmini Aphrodite, Stevphen Shukaitis, Tan Liting, Wu Jun Han, Daryl Qilin Yam, and Selene Yap.

For more information about the The Co-op: Link

For more information about the members of The Co-op, read their bios here.

For more information about the formation of The Co-op or A Common Ground, do visit The Substation’s website or e-mail theco-op@substation.org.


1 / Berita Harian Panas-Panas (project link here)

2 / Something To Say (soundcloud link here)

3 / Off-Grid Autonomous Water System (project link here)

4 / togethergathertogether (FB link here)


Substation’s Strange Bedfellows (link)